Friday, January 21, 2022


If I had to make a list of my favourite dessert flavours, coffee and rum would be in the top three. Preceded only by dark chocolate, preferably with tiny bits of orange zest or even dried raspberries. Combined with my love for making custards and puddings, it is easy to see why this particular custard is the one I would consider to be a wonderful, foolproof dessert that is always welcome.
This is a smooth and rich dessert that comes together in a flash, and can be served even slightly warm, with a hearty scoop of coffee ice cream. A silky custard base, enriched with espresso and dark rum, and richly topped with gorgeous coffee cream. A true feast for any coffee lover.
Feel free to even add shards or flakes of extra dark chocolate, if you so wish, it will be perfect.

For the coffee rum custard
500 millilitres soy milk
20 millilitres dark rum
20 grams cornflour
50 grams brown sugar
2 teaspoons instant espresso powder
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste
small pinch of salt
For the coffee topping
3 teaspoons instant coffee granules
60 millilitres cold water
300 millilitres plant double cream

Pour 400 millilitres of milk, all of the rum, and all of the sugar into a heavy-bottomed saucepan, and place it over medium-high heat. Pour the rest of the milk into a small bowl, sift in the cornflour, espresso, and the cocoa powder, and whisk very well. Add in the vanilla and salt, and blend well. Once the milk starts to gently boil, pour in the cornflour and espresso mixture, and cook it, while stirring constantly, for about 2-3 minutes, until it thickens. It will resemble a soft custard.
Once thickened, remove it from the heat, and whisk it vigorously until completely smooth. Pour the custard into four serving glasses, cover the tops, and set them aside to cool.
For the topping, place the coffee granules and the cold water into a tall glass, for easier mixing, and then whisk, using a strong coffee frother; whip it into a firm foam. In a separate bowl, whip the plant cream until stiff peaks form. Pour in the coffee foam and fold it through until blended. Top each of the coffee custards generously, and sprinkle with chocolate flakes, if desired. Yields 4 rich servings.