Tina Vesić is the self-taught pâtissière, food writer, recipe developer, and photographer behind all of the content of this blog.
She began her blogging journey over a decade ago, with a simple idea that she still holds close to her heart - to create and share new recipes and help people develop cooking and baking confidence.
Tina is a great believer in sustainability and minimising food waste, as is visible in all she writes and creates.
On this blog you will find a notable collection of recipes, from everyday sweet treats, to big, celebratory cakes, to wholesome family meals.
If you want to get in touch with her, regarding any of the recipes, please do so through any of Tina’s social media pages listed on the blog.

There is great beauty in misshapen fruits and vegetables, in a cake that rose unevenly, and in a cookie that is not a perfect circle.
Each of those, and many others, are works of art on their own.

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