Thursday, June 20, 2013


300 grams grated zucchini
1 medium egg
1 onion
2 tablespoons fresh parsley
150 grams flour
100 grams Pastrami
50 grams feta cheese
½ teaspoons salt
½ teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes
½ teaspoons black pepper
pinch of dried oregano
4 tablespoons olive oil

Peal and grate two medium-sized young zucchini (courgettes), that should give you about 300 grams grated, but make sure you weigh them. Grate the onion, and along with the zucchini, squeeze them dry, then pat with a paper napkin, to make sure it's as dry as possible. Put it in a large bowl, add one slightly beaten egg, crumbled feta cheese, Pastrami (small dice works best), roughly chopped fresh parsley and the spices, and mix everything very well. Finally, add the flour and mix it in (if your zucchini were very watery, you may need to add another tablespoon or two of flour, the batter mustn't be too wet).
Heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a large pan, over medium heat, and drop the fritter batter by large spoonfuls (I used a large cookie scoop and got 10 of them). Gently press them to flatten them out and fry over medium heat, for about 4-5 minutes per side, or until golden and cooked through. (I fried mine in two batches of five fritters, and used two tablespoons of oil per batch; you may need to adjust this to suit your pan.) Repeat this until you use up all of the batter. Let them rest for a few minutes on paper napkins, and serve them warm with a salad of your choice and cheese, yoghurt or sour cream.


  1. Uh što je dobro, volim pržene ili grilovane tikvice :)
    Ja danas pohovala belo meso ali onako na "Pariski" način, samo u brašnu i jajima, pa reko da nije ovo isto to :D

    1. Dok je sezona tikvica, trudim se da ih iskoristim maksimalno :D
      One su mi u rangu šampinjona, idu uz sve :)

  2. Sjajan recept, ima da isprobam ovih dana, forsiram tikvice maksimalno! :)

  3. Fritters are such a great quick meal. These look fantastic Tina, and I love the addition of pastrami!

  4. Ciao Tina. Your dish looks great. I've a question for you. I don't know pastrami. Can you think I may substitute it with a kind of Italian salami?
    I've decided to post my comment directly on your blog to make you more honor :))

    1. Hello Loretta :)
      Any type of salami you like works great in this :)


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