Friday, June 10, 2022


When I think back to the first batch of jam I ever made, I cannot help but think about how much time and effort people invested into discouraging me from even trying. From the old classic, "You will burn it", to "Just buy a jar", I have heard it all.
That was a very long time ago, but that experience still holds a good, valuable lesson - do not let people discourage you from taking a step towards what makes you happy. There will be times in life when the support lacks, when there isn't anyone around for encouragement, but those moments are what builds character. Those moments when you face discouragement and fear, yet you feel that something is just right for you. and decide to continue down your individual path; those are the moments you will cherish later on in life, I promise you.
And so we come to this gorgeous small batch of incredibly fragrant raspberry and Rosé wine jam. With light brown sugar, rosewater, and vanilla bean paste, it almost tastes like candy. It is marvellous on toast, as well as a cake filling. Frankly, it is wonderful to enjoy on its own, with a tiny teaspoon.
I do need to add that this jam will not have that typical firm jam consistency. If you want it to be firmer, simply cook the jam for longer, until it is just the way you prefer it to be.

1 kilogram fresh organic raspberries
400 grams light brown sugar
120 millilitres Rosé wine
½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste
½ teaspoon rosewater

Very gently wash the raspberries, place them in a large, non-reactive pot, add in the sugar, and the wine, and let them sit, undisturbed, for two to three hours, so they macerate nicely.
Once the fruit has released plenty of liquid, place the pot over medium-high heat, and let it slowly come to a boil. As soon as it starts to bubble, add in the vanilla, stir well, and then cook, for about 15-20 minutes, stirring often, removing the foam that appears on the surface.
Because this is a small quantity of fruit, the cooking process is much quicker. After about 20 minutes or so, check if the jam has reached its setting point, either by dropping a teaspoon of it onto a chilled plate, and seeing if it sets after about a minute, or by inserting a candy thermometer and making sure it has reached 105°C. If it is not ready, continue cooking for another 5 minutes, and then checking again.
Once it does reach the setting point, remove it from the heat and let it cool down slightly, for about 10-15 minutes. Add in the rosewater, mix very well, pour the jam into prepared sterilised jars and close the lids well. Keep them in a dark and cool place, or in the refrigerator, for the best possible taste. Yields 600 grams of jam.