Friday, April 13, 2018


Pavlova is a light and luscious meringue dessert, with a gorgeous marshmallow centre, and a crispy shell. It is usually served with lots of freshly whipped cream and fruit, but this one is full of dark chocolate and cocoa. When making Pavlova, as you would with any other dessert that includes meringue, you need to keep in mind that you need to use a metal or glass bowl that has no traces of grease of any kind, because that will cause the egg whites not to whip up properly.
The meringue needs the egg whites to be as ample as they can, and grease will hinder that in a major way. Also, bake this chocolate version as you would typically bake Pavlova – in a low oven for the time indicated in the recipe, then turn the oven off, and open the door ever so slightly, so the cake cools down gradually. If you do happen to have any leftover cake, it can be refrigerated, but know that it will absorb moisture and the outer shell will lose all the crispness it had.

For the meringue
2 medium egg whites
150 grams granulated sugar
¾ teaspoon cream of tartar
½ tablespoon cornflour (corn starch)
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 ½ teaspoon vanilla
For the topping
100 ml double cream
1 teaspoon vanilla
100 grams dark chocolate

Place the egg whites into a large glass (or metal) bowl , and whisk with an electric mixer on high until stiff peaks form. Once the egg whites hold stiff peaks, start adding in the sugar, a tablespoon at a time, beating really well after each addition, this time on medium high speed, until the meringue looks glossy. Sift in the cream of tartar, cornflour, cocoa powder, and vanilla, and mix them in with a wire whisk. Take a large baking sheet lined with baking paper, and place the meringue in a circle, about 15 cm in diameter.
Bake the meringue in a preheated oven, at 100°C (220°F), for an hour, then turn the oven off, and open the oven door just a bit, so the meringue can cool down gradually. This will prevent large cracks and the sinking of the cake. When the meringue has cooled completely, melt half of the chocolate and drizzle it over the cake. Whip the double cream with the vanilla, until soft peaks form, and spread it on top, over the chocolate, then grate the rest of it, and sprinkle on top of the double cream. Yields 6 servings.