Thursday, September 18, 2014


White chocolate spreads are similar to spreads made with regular or dark chocolate. They are truly delectable, made with powdered milk, vanilla and real white chocolate. This type of spread you can eat just like you would Nutella; on a piece of toast, in a sweet sandwich, or even straight out of the jar.

200 grams powdered milk
100 grams icing sugar
200 ml double cream
150 grams butter
200 grams high quality real white chocolate
2 teaspoons vanilla
few drops of almond flavoring

Sift the icing sugar and powdered milk twice, put it in a large bowl and set it aside. Dice the room temperature butter, and finely chop the white chocolate. Pour the double cream into a heavy-bottomed saucepan, add the butter and white chocolate and melt everything together over very low heat. Do not let it boil. When everything is melted and blended, remove it from heat and immediately pour it over the sifted powdered milk and icing sugar. Whisk it to initially blend the ingredients, then switch to an electric mixer, and beat the batter on low for about a minute, then add vanilla and almond flavoring and gradually increase the speed to high. Beat for another 5 minutes on high, until the batter thickens up slightly and cools down. Immediately pour the spread into small jars with tight fitting lids, close the lid and let it cool down to room temperature. Store in your refrigerator. Yields two 300 ml jars.